May 27, 2011

Body Waxing and Church Mailers

Posted in Digital Culture and the Church at 11:10 am by billgepford

Church mass mailers kill me.  At least as a way to reach young adults.

I check my apartment’s mailbox once a week and its usually nothing but junkmail I toss (or the occasional letter from Momma).

Compare that with the fact that I check my inbox at least 8 times  a day.  Seriously – I check first thing upon arrival to the office in the morning, again right before I leave work, and then my phone automatically downloads new mail every 4 hours.

Past that, I’m always on facebook.  Not in a creepy stalkerish obsessed way, just in the ‘I’m a young adult and thats what we do’ way.

So I’m curious – why do we have budgets for mass mailers, but not facebook adds?

I keep hearing people lamenting the fact that its hard to get young adults to go to church.  But then I get their flyer or postcard or coupon for a free coffee in my mailbox, and it makes a whole lot of sense to me.  Their message, no matter how pure or important, is completely lost in the mass of junk that it arrives with.

There is a trash can right next to the door in my apartment complex’s mail room; anything that isnt a bill or from Momma goes there.  Seriously – if I dont know you, then that flyer that you lovingly spent hours, and prayed over, and brought in consultants and graphic artists and demographic gurus to create…it doesn’t even make it 3 feet.  Sorry.  Unlike my inbox, my mailbox doesnt have a spam filter, so I just toss everything.  I don’t need a new credit card.  I don’t want to try out your new tanning salon.  I don’t need $5 off my next pedicure if I opt for the full brazillian waxing next time I visit your salon.

And if your loving church flyer was tucked in there somewhere?  Sorry, but it just became a casualty of body wax and bad visuals.

So please – spend your money wisely.  The message of the Church is far too important not to.  Put some of your ad budget towards online material (starting with a mobile optimized website I might actually read).  I know I’m not the only person in the world and that there are probably quite a few who DO read mailers.  But the tide of the youth seems more interested in the internet than the mailbox.  Maybe we could put just a little bit towards that instead.


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